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A network of interests!

I'm hoping you're all enjoying the Christmas month. I am working on creating a network. It's called classic World Cinema:
I really love the idea of a network, because you don't need to find a hosting site for your pictures and videos and in full quality ---> it's all there. And you can blog, make your own page with all the stuff you want and it's easy to use.

This means I can share my huge and vast collection of magazines/clippings/old articles and put it up which i already have (so can you) - I have scanned a bunch of Barbara Stanwyck scans (still working on getting more up, but have 4 albums up now).

Furthermore, I love that you can create groups, make photo albums in HQ (it shows up in small, and then you can click on it to get it bigger). I just wish more people would be interested in this sort of thing. Another thing is, I know people have websites with classic stars and this network is a perfect place to promote it in the groups, but also in people's own pages where when you blog, you can write about the updates on the page and spread the word about your page.
I haven't begun promoting it yet, because I'm not completely done yet, however if anyone wants to share the love for classic world cinema and join, you're so very welcome to it, and maybe even spread the word, even if it's still early in the process. I'd love to make the Barbara Stanwyck group an active one :)

- Sebina

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