Emily (secretsabina) wrote in stanwyck_fans,

holy jeez, this is exciting...

hello hello.  :)  missy's my favorite queen in the whole wide world and i'm overtly ecstatic that there is a little group dedicated to her.  and to find other people as drawn to her as well.  she certainly deserves a community.  :)

Name: Saoirse
Favorite Missy Film: this is a hard one, but i'll have to say CLASH BY NIGHT 
Favorite Character: this is another hard one...jean harrington
Why do you love Missy?: how long have you got?  hee hee.  she was amazingly talented,could play anything, was absolutely the sexiest creature alive (even in that blonde wig...you know the one i'm talking about...and anyone who could give fred mcmurray a hard on in that wig is DEFINATELY too hot to handle...and babs was DEFINATELY it.  she was the read deal.  she came from nowhere, had no family, nothing, and shared her creativity with an entire audience as if we were watching a slice of her own life.  i'm not very eloquent about it, all i know is that she's the best thing to ever happen to my life from the time i was about 8 because watching her makes me truly joyful and not feel alone.  and that's saying something.

little ruby stevens definately left her mark
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